by Svveet Road

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released April 24, 2015

Vocals/Percussion: Will Tiensvold
Guitar/Synth/Percussion: Jef Thor
Production/Synth/Samples: Wil Beringer

Written by Will Tiensvold and Jef Thor
Recorded and produced from 2012 - 2015

2016 edition artwork courtesy of Anon from /b/
(thanks anon)

©Polahr Music - 2015




all rights reserved


Svveet Road South Dakota

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Track Name: A Giant Masterpiece
Don't worry.

I drank it all, Jef.
Track Name: Butcher's Playground
"Mop up the butcher's floor, kiddies.
Put the Pigs in the frying pan…
into the

You found me in the bleachers
I had much to give
Santa's little helper
Excites the little kids
Your favorite drink of paradise
Straight through the cloudy skies

Secrets in, secrets out
Secrets all about
Drown within, drown without
Live in light of certain doubt

Rattles above us, the slash, the thunder, the space
All these mountains crashing down… on us

We're dressed as mice now
Running out
On the backs of beasts
To flush out all the rats

“Catch the wave… [maniacal laughter]”

Seminole clown
Makes you arise
Bring you down
Down to your demise
Everything your heart desires
Will come to you

Come to you in a place
Where no one can breathe
Finds your weakness
And kills to please

Soon everything will fall in place
And the stars refuse
To shine…
Track Name: Take
Take away the words I've said
Take away all that's dead
Take away these gods we've made
Take away these songs we've played

What do I have?

Take my name
In the light it all looks the same

Take your time
What does it matter anyway

Take my sight
Nothing looks right anyway

All I need…
Track Name: Sweet
Bring your
Sweet cottons
Your mouth that's stuck in my shoe

Let it bleed
My sweet
Running through my veins

Sweet nectar
Life's blood and muster
Your love my darling

Place me, anew
Hurt me, go through

My head
So swollen
The waves so over taken

Make it stop
My sweet
Keeping me, in sane

My defector
Don't ever go away

Don't ever go away…
Track Name: Starless Night
If you woke up on a sunless day
How would you feel?
Would you feel anything at all?

If I woke up on a starless night
Would I cry?
Would I do anything at all?

We can wake up for sunlit days
And we can wake up for starless nights
Maybe some night she’ll knock on your window
And maybe some night you’ll let her in
Maybe some day she'll come along
And you won’t have to sleep alone anymore


I hope she knows when I’m playing guitar
I’m thinking of her
I hope she hopes every night
I’m singing for her

Lover’s pearls and dreamer’s blood
Splattered across my floor
Everyone’s here but you can’t make her hear
The sounds that you are making

So wake up for star-kissed skies
Don’t sleep all through the sunless days
Just wake up to see a smiling face